Kokomo Jr., America's Favorite TV Chimpanzee
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Kokomo Jr. at the 1964 New York World's Fair

Eastman Kodak Exibition 

Bianca Benedict and the Kokomos


Here's How the Kokomos Will Show New Kodak
Instamatic Cameras To The Largest Audience in the World
(The 1964 New York World's Fair Press Release)
    More than 100 million visitors are expected at the New York World's Fair.  That's the largest audience for any show in history.  Eastman Kodak Company, one of 10 major industrial exhibitors in the billion-dollar Fair, long sought a top attraction to tell the story of fast-selling Kodak Instamatic Cameras and drop-in film load system to visitors from around the world.

    To star in a sound and color film presentation that will run continuously in the Kodak pavilion, officials selected Kokomo and Kokomo, Jr., chimps whose antics delighted viewers of N.B.C.'s "Today" show for two years and who now are featured daily on television in the entertainment capital of the world, New York, and throughout Canada and other countries.

    Kodak cameramen worked with the chimps for five days to record on Eastman Color Film the chimps' capers in amusing situation that confront the camera of 20-year-old model Bianca Benedict.

    To see and record the results, come to the Fair ... and bring your camera.

photo captions (left to right)

NEW FRIENDS -- Kokomo Jr. pals with Bianca Benedict, co-star of 15-minute movie by Kodak Co.

OLD FRIENDS -- Kokomo Jr. gets together with regular partner, Kokomo Sr., at downtown motel.  Both arrived yesterday to star in Rochester film.

Going over the birthday party script with director Sam Scribner are Kokomo Sr. and Kokomo Jr. on a set at Informational Films' McKee Rd. studio.