Kokomo Jr., America's Favorite TV Chimpanzee
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Monkey Packaging Tape®

Nick and Nancy Carrado and Kokomo Jr., TV Chimpanzee, retired from Show Biz in 1982 and started Carrado Packaging Products, featuring Monkey Packaging Tapes, mailing labels and shipping room supplies which are sold to businesses throughout the United States.  Kokomo Jr. stayed retired and put Nick and Nancy to work... for him.

Monkey Packaging Tape now has its own web site, at:

The site features a full online catalog, and of course, more pictures of Kokomo Jr.!

If you like, you may download the complete catalog here, in Adobe PDF format.  (It's identical to the paper catalog, ready to print, and is 8 MB and 88 pages.)

To request a paper catalog, or for other inquiries, call 1-800-476-TAPE (1-800-476-8273) or send your name, company's name and mailing address to sales@kokomojr-tvchimp.com.