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Fantastic Card Tricks!

Learn Sleight of Hand!

* Lessons From $5,000 to $50,000 *

Amaze Business Associates
and Friends!
Can Tailor Card Tricks
to Meet Your Needs
 Learn to perform fantastic card tricks!  Amaze your friends and business acquaintances!  Be the life of the party!  Card tricks are a great door opener for salespersons or other occupations.  Plus, they can be performed anywhere, at any time.
When you learn the alphabet, you can put together an unlimited amount of words.  I can teach you the alphabet of sleight-of-hand (playing card movements), from A to Z.  You can then put together an unlimited amount of terrific card tricks.
Once you finish the Carrado course of sleight-of-hand with playing cards, you have the potential of becoming one of the best card manipulators in the world, limited only by how much practice you apply to your learning.
Nick Carrado was director and teacher of the College of Magic (New York City).  Professionally billed as the Playing Card Detective.  (Pick a card from the deck, return it, and he will find it or produce it in an unusual way, etc.)
 Private lessons are $50,000.00 for the "A-to-Z" course.  Also, you will need accommodations for 2-4 weeks (time depends on your ability to learn), and you must provide your own food and transportation.  I am located in Matthews, NC (just outside of Charlotte) and can refer you to several nearby hotels.
For those that do not have 2 to 4 weeks to spend on the entire sleight-of-hand course, I also teach an accelerated one-day course.  Here's the trick I will teach you:
  • Have a person pick a card from the deck.
  • 98% of the time, you will be able to determine the card before they pick it..
  • The 2% of the time that you miss, you will have the person return the card to the middle of the deck; you will then control its location so that it ends up in the top, bottom, or middle of the deck (unbeknownst to your audience) and ultimately you will produce their card out of your pocket (or from another spot).
    The price for this one-day course is $5,000.00.  Again, your success with this card trick will be entirely dependent on how much practice you apply to what you learn.
    To set up private lessons, or for more information, contact Nick Carrado...
    2100 Marglyn Drive, Matthews, NC 28105
    phone (800) 515-9962
    fax (704) 846-9694
    Nick Carrado performing a trick with the help of his assistant, Kokomo Jr.
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    Nick Carrado and Kokomo Jr. once held a contest with a $5,000.00 prize if Nick failed to identify a card picked out of the deck by the contestant.  Click here for more information.
    Nick Carrado today at age 68...
    For over 50 years, Nick has been performing card tricks for all ages and types of audiences,
    leaving his spectators completely amazed and wanting to see more.