Kokomo Jr., America's Favorite TV Chimpanzee
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Kokomo Jr.'s Links

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  • monkeypackagingtape.com - web site of Carrado Packaging Products, world's largest distributor of Monkey Packaging Tape.  Kokomo Jr. is their mascot!  Check it out to see more pictures of Kokomo Jr., or if you need tape or other packaging/warehouse supplies.

  • Chimpanzees - By Eric Johansen - Hello there,. One little update today, I found this rather interesting site entitled Meet Kokomo Jr ... Eric Johansen.

  • Kokomo Jr., Renaissance Chimp (new!) - online version of a recent article in LCD Magazine, published by freeform radio station WFMU.  Includes an interview with Nick and some interesting tidbits of Kokomo's history!

  • Fabulous Fifties - TV Talk Shows - an about.com feature on talk shows, especially the "Today" show, which mentions Kokomo Jr.